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Bringing brands to life through the magic of Augmented Reality


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Spotit is an augmented reality app

created for brands and businesses who want an AR experience but don't want the hassle and expense of creating and maintaining their own AR app.

Spotit makes use of the latest and greatest AR technologies, such as:

Image recognition

Recognising a set image to activate AR, turning your logo, product or any of your marketing materials into a portal to an interactive experience with your brand or business. 


Markerless / surface recognition 

Seeing floors or walls and thereby triggering AR content to be displayed directly onto a surface without the need to recognise a set image, allowing your product to be viewed in any environment without the physical product being present. 


GPS locations

Understanding users’ location, enabling brands to engage with users based on that location.


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Already have a great idea for an AR experience? Contact us now to add your brand a content.
Unsure about an idea or drawing a blank? Do not fear! We’re a creative, talented bunch who love nothing more than to brainstorm and conceptualise the most engaging, immersive augmented reality solution that fulfils our clients’ specific business goals. 


Using our extensive knowledge and experience, gamification theory and quite a lot of magic, our team will collaborate with you to develop a cutting-edge AR experience. This can include animations, video and any other amazing content that that will best bring your brand to life.
Once you're happy, your augmented reality content is published on Spotit, available for everyone to play, experience and love. 


‘Create and Publish’ is only the first step in the journey to making your AR app a success. 
Spotit includes analytics to help track success based on user behaviours and trends. We will work with you to analyse the data and suggest tweaks and fine-tuning to improve client usage and ensure the achievement of your campaign objectives. 
Our team can also help you drive users to your experience through targeted ad campaigns.


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